Yachtmaster Worldwide Distance Learning Courses

We offer a complete range of Worldwide Distance Learning Courses which include all the materials and knowledge you need to achieve your desired qualifications.

RYA Day Skipper Course

Day Skipper Training CoursesA comprehensive introduction to for those wanting to improve their skippering skills. This course will give you knowledge to safely navigate around familiar waters by day. We also cover the basics of lights as an introduction to night cruising. 

The course covers the basics of seamanship, coastal navigation and pilotage. It will bring you through the essentials of chartwork, electronic charts, plotting a course to steer, tides, collision regulations and much more.


Key Points:

40 Hours Home Study

Achievable Worldwide

Certification upon completion

Maritime and Coastguard Agency Approved

buy-nowCourse fee: £210.00 (UK)
£250.00 (Worldwide) 


RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Certificate Training Course

Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster CourseAdvanced training for skippers with more experience building on the Day Skipper course. This intensive course will build your knowledge to the level  required in order to site the Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster offshore exams. This course equips you to navigate safely on coastal and offshore passages.

The course covers everything from Tidal Knowledge, forecast interpretation, weather system plotting, course shaping and plotting and much more.


Key Points:

40 Hours Home Study

Achievable Worldwide

Maritime and Coastguard Agency Approved

buy-nowCourse fee: £210.00 (UK)
£250.00 (Worldwide)


RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Certificate Course

Yachtmaster Training CourseThis fascinating course is for those who are preparing to take their first ocean passage and covers a range of Navigation techniques including worldwide meteorology, using a sextant, astro navigation, ocean passage making, and electronic navigation aids. If you already have the Yachtmaster Offshore certificate then this course is for you.

It covers everything from Meridian Altitudes, Ocean passage planning through to full instructions how to correctly use a sextant.

Before starting this course your navigation skills must be at the level of Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore shorebased course.

Key Points:

40 Hours Home Study

Achievable Worldwide

Maritime and Coastguard Agency Approved

buy-nowCourse fee: £210.00 (UK)
£250.00 (Worldwide)


The Shared Course

Unique to INTERNATIONAL YACHTMASTER ACADEMY this shared course is specially designed for couples wanting to study together.

Key Points:

Two sets of charts, books ,tables and course notes

Two sets of assessments and exams

Two completion certificates

buy-nowAny Correspondence Course – Course fee: £300.00 (UK)
£350.00 (Worldwide)



The purpose of these NOTES is to give help and guidance to the correspondence course student.

The principle of learning by correspondence, is the same as any other method of learning. The STUDY NOTES motivate and stimulate the student into absorbing our EASY STYLE material, which is then reinforced by repetition and exercise.

The course is structured so that the student is given every opportunity to apply the principles he or she has learned.


STUDY NOTES, giving explanations, illustrations and worked examples, are provided at regular intervals, in a simple and uncomplicated format. AVAILABLE IN PAPER, CD ROM and ONLINE

EXERCISESwhich reinforce by practice, the principles learned are provided with each set of STUDY NOTES. There are TWO types of exercise supplied:-

FUN EXERCISES, with answers provided, to help you absorb the methods, and also as a method of SELF-TEST. This enables the student to assess his/her own level of understanding and decide if further study is necessary……!

ASSESSMENT EXERCISES, which TEST the student’s understanding and help the TUTOR, evaluate the future STRUCTURE of your course.

RETURNS Once you have completed your STUDY NOTES, EXERCISES and ASSESSMENT PAPERS and you are ready for the next SESSION, return the completed ASSESSMENT PAPER and any comments which you consider may improve the course to INTERNATIONAL YACHTMASTER ACADEMY either by post, fax or email.


It is possible to satisfactory complete the course with no other book or publication.



INTERNATIONAL YACHTMASTER ACADEMY’S study notes  are yours to keep for your own personal use and referral. BUT please remember the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS which state you may not SELL, LEND OR MAKE COPIES or use for any purpose other than your own personal use, any materials supplied by the INTERNATIONAL YACHTMASTER ACADEMY.



In order to fully participate in the course, you will need a selection of normal navigation instruments and tools:-

2B pencils and a pen

a pencil sharpener

an eraser

dividers or school compasses


Access to a photocopying machine or printer will prove useful for producing extra copies of pro-formas etc. and photocopying your charted exercises for return as assessments (instead of sending back your charts)




INTERNATIONAL YACHTMASTER ACADEMY will pay the first class/air mail postage on all materials dispatched (alternative dispatch methods can be made BY ARRANGEMENT) The student undertakes to cover all postage on charts and assessments sent to the school.

INTERNATIONAL YACHTMASTER ACADEMY regrets it cannot accept any responsibility for payment, delay or non-delivery of any student return assessments.

It is always our policy to mark your assessment papers and dispatch your next STUDY NOTES within three working days of receipt.


HELP LINE Should you require further HELP or ASSISTANCE with any of your studies, we have THREE possible avenues of action:-

TELEPHONE 07950455594


EMAIL dave@yachtmaster.co.uk

If you feel you need more practice or explanation of a certain principle, write or phone or email in and let us know. Our tutors are happy to clarify a point over the phone and we have hundreds more exercises available to help sink it in………


Having accepted your booking form and course fee, INTERNATIONAL YACHTMASTER ACADEMY undertakes to supply ALL the STUDY NOTES, ASSESSMENTS PAPERS, CHART, EXERCISES AND BOOKLETS necessary to achieve the COURSE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE.

STUDENTS must also appreciate, that they have an obligation to STUDY SERIOUSLY, for the required 40 hour minimum course duration.

TIME LIMIT Although the academy does not normally put a time limit on the courses, we would strongly recommend, that the course is completed with ONE YEAR.

Long breaks in your study programme will effect your ability to retain knowledge and interrupt your structured learning goals.


To ensure the safe arrival of your letters and assessments by post we would request that you:-

PRINT NEATLY all your returns, which will greatly assist the tutor in marking and monitoring your progress.

ENSURE all your charts, assessment papers and other paperwork has your NAME clearly printed on the top of each sheet.

International Yachtmaster Academy

31 Station Road


County Antrim

BT40 3AA


The ROYAL YACHTING ASSOCIATION final examinations must be conducted under invigilated conditions.

RYA Instructor or Sea School Principal provided they are prepared to declare that:-

The examination was completed with the TIME ALLOWED

The examination was conducted without reference to ANY PUBLICATIONS or TEXT BOOKS, other than those specified by the RYA.

The examination papers are returned, WITHOUT COPIES BEING MADE, with your exam papers and charts.

The invigilator must supervise the examination at all times.